Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Dutch Treat

As reported by Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

"Queen Beatrix is on a state visit to Mexico this week. The Central American country has had to wait 45 years for a new visit from Dutch royalty, which is remarkable considering Mexico’s close economic ties with the Netherlands... "

On the Queen's agenda are hitting the tourist spots and a meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderón, during which, it is anticipated, the Queen will offer a long-overdue, official apology for the irreparable damage Mexico’s reputation suffered after Dutch musicians released this video.

Side note to Radio Netherlands Worldwide: Mexico is not in Central America but rather North America. (Like, duh! Mexico is way more like the US and Canada than like Guatemala and Honduras.) But we'll try not to hold it against you since practically no one in Central or North America has a clue where the fuck the Netherlands is.

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