Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2009 in Pictures

The good news is that I finally got a new digital camera to replace my old one that took super crappy pictures!

The bad news is that almost right after getting the new camera (way back in July), the cable required to download pics from said camera went missing.

The even worse news is that, subsequent to said cable for said camera recently being located in, of all places, Sneaker Dude's room,* it appears there was likely absolutely nothing wrong with my old camera. I just plain suck at taking pictures, period.

Nevertheless, here's a few so-so pics just to prove I didn't spend the second half of 2009 doing absolutely nothing at all, regardless of what my blog posts during that time may suggest.

August 2009: Carlos Mencia, Wilbur Theater, Boston. Disclaimer: Some people deem Mencia's brand of comedy offensive. Another Disclaimer: You may be offended to learn that your getting offended by stuff that's not really offensive makes for some really good comedy material. Dee, dee, dee. Yet Another Disclaimer: You may be offended to learn that I thought Mencia's show was completely hilarious.

August 2009: A House that Cotton Helped to Build, Union Station, DC. I went all the way to DC and back and the only pictures I came home with were of a display of donated jeans that are going to be shredded to make insulation for new homes in New Orleans. Explanation: It was August, and it's too damn hot and humid in August to buzz around taking pictures in DC. Alternate explanation: My DC visit was work-related, and I was too busy pretending to work to buzz around taking pictures in DC.

September 2009: Freedom Rally (a.k.a Pot Fest) on the Boston Common. Believe It or Not: I was the only person in attendance not completely stoned off his or her ass. More Believe It or Not: I have absolutely no clue why the dude selling fancy glass bongs was also selling bags of Romaine lettuce. (A bit hard to see in the picture, but those are, in fact, bags of lettuce under the bongs that are not in the box.) Still More Believe It or Not: If I were stoned, the bong-lettuce connection probably would have made perfect sense.

September 2009: Random religious fanatics, near the Park Street T stop, Boston. To Ponder: Was it coincidence that these folks were spied right next to the Freedom Rally, or did they purposely seek out the pot heads, thinking that folks who may not be operating with their full faculties are easy targets for religious conversion? More to Ponder: What does God make of the fact that these followers of his would appear to be missing more brain cells than most stoners?

October 2009: Hoards of obnoxious tourists, MoMA, NYC. One thing I don't understand: How come people visiting art museums spend lots of time looking at works of art that have been widely reproduced, and then buzz right by all the other stuff that they've never, ever seen before? (Shouldn't it be the other way around?) Another thing I don't understand: How come so many really famous pieces of art seem rather ho-hum in person? (Or was it just me who was so totally not blown away by Mona Lisa?)

October 2009: Hoards of obnoxious tourists, Central Park, NYC. Rock Star, huge Beatles fan that he is, was aghast that people dare to tarnish John Lennon's legacy by standing on the Imagine Mosaic. True Confession: I stood on the Imagine Mosaic. More Important True Confession: I did it just to freak Rock Star out, not because I am an obnoxious tourist.

October 2009: R&R Hall of Fame Annex, SoHo, NYC. Rock Star was quite taken with the place, minuscule though it was. Bonus: We visited on John Lenon's b-day, so museum admission (usually 26 bucks-ouch!) was free. Extra Bonus: Shopping and lunch in SoHo afterwards. Extra, Extra Bonus: It apparently was a once-in-a-lifetime experience since the place reportedly closed down this past weekend.

October 2009: Hair on Broadway, Hirschfeld Theatre, NYC. Downside: The tix cost something like $125 each. Upside: Our seats were in the second row! Up, upside: Totally awesome show (and I'm not even a huge musical theater fan, so you know it must have been good). Up, up, upside: Rock Star thought the actors were really smoking pot on stage during the pot smoking scene, which I found laughable. As if. (I mean, they weren't really lighting up, were they?)

* Apparently telling my 24-year-old son (a.k.a. Sneaker Dude) who decided to move back home last spring - oh joy! - every other day to stop fucking taking my shit and not putting it back was not sufficient. Therefore, I shall now commence telling him every day.

(So as to not confuse the masses, I should also note that the aforementioned Rock Star is my other son, age 19. As you have no doubt surmised from my youthful flair, I had both kids when I was in elementary school.)

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