Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Election Day Weather Report

Weather Report for Martha Coakley (D) Supporters: Light snow, accumulation of only 1 to 2 inches. Typical temps for this time of year in the low 30s. Don't let a little winter weather stop you from getting to the polls, because Teddy Kennedy will flip in his grace if Martha doesn't win his former Senate seat.

Weather Report for Scott Brown (R) Supporters: Lots of that nasty white stuff expected, possibly up to several inches in some areas. Very blustery, with temps only in the low 30s. Burr! Unless you drive a 4-wheel drive pick-up like Scott, you probably want to think twice before venturing out to the polls on a nasty day like today.

Weather Report for Joe Kennedy (I) Supporters: N/A (There aren't enough Joe Kennedy - no relation to THE Kennedy family - supporters to bother writing anything here.)

Often times on election days there are folks on this corner, which is across from my polling place, holding signs for their candidate or passing out literature. When I voted this morning there was no one there at all.

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