Saturday, January 30, 2010

I See Drunk People

Never mind that, due to an apparent Yankee English to Bayou English translation issue, the cab I hailed at the New Orleans train station took me to the wrong address and that, later, the asshole driver ended up dumping me two blocks from the right address, saying he couldn't take me all the way because the road was closed.

And never mind that, after schlepping two blocks to the hotel with my luggage, I found that they listed my reservation as cancelled despite the fact I had previously called the hotel to confirm and was told everything was OK.

And never mind that, due to the aforementioned fuck up on the part of the hotel, I got stuck in their last available accomodations -- a shitty interior room that reeks of smoke and has a leaky ceiling. (No joke - it's been drip-drip-drip for the past hour; the hotel came and put a bucket under it.)

Never mind all that because I actually got to see part of a real, live Mardi Gras parade even though I thought the timing of my trip did not coincide with any of the Mardi Gras festivities. Apparently the celebrations start early so as to provide revelers plenty of time to have an excuse to be drunk and crazy in the streets.

Seriously, I have never seen more drunk people gathered in a single location. And not only 20-somethings either; there were a fair share of older folks out and about acting like idiots as well. My camera batteries were dying, so I just have a few parade shots for you...

Krewe du Vieux
French Quarter, New Orleans
January 30, 2010

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