Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Waste Not, Want Not

As of last week, I still had about $250 remaining in my use-it-in-2009-or-lose-it Health care Flex Spending Account. I almost bought a case of Advil to use up the money, but decided to order these instead...

And, even though I really do not need glasses at all (my lens strength hasn't changed in several years and I already have several pairs of glasses), because I was at a two-for-one place, I ordered these, too...

Of course all this ended up costing me $119 more than I had left in my FSA (because of the 'high-index lenses' they always convince me I need) but it's much better to waste money on something you don't need than to lose money. Isn't it?

Side note: I picked up my new glasses today. Sneaker Dude is not especially enamored with the first pair. He thinks I should remove the top, pointy piece of metal so the glasses won't look so 1950-ish. Apparently, being male, it escapes him that the funky, retro look is what makes them cool.

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