Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's in a Word?

As seen on Yahoo News, Reuters photographers snapped some shots of people at the collapsed Caribbean Super Market in the Pétionville section of Port-au-Prince today. Apparently these people, who are living through conditions that are almost too horrific to imagine after Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti, were (according to the title of the photo set) seeking food. No wait, they were (according to the caption for photo #1) taking food. No wait, they were (according to the captions for photos #2 thru #7) looting food.

Seriously, looting? I'm pretty sure that's a bag of rice being carried out of the destroyed store, not a large-screen TV and, as such, portraying these poor folks as lawless criminals was completely unnecessary. After all, who among us might not do just the same thing ('seek food') if in a similar situation with little or no humanitarian aid yet on the scene?

List of relief organizations collecting donations for Haiti here.

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