Thursday, February 04, 2010

Honorary Latina

I feel soooo cultured after visiting two art museums in as many days. Yesterday it was The Museo Alameda and today, El Instituto Cultural de México.

On exhibit at the Alameda:

  • Jesse Treviño: Mi Vida [Jesse Treviño: My Life]
  • Arte en la Charrería [The Artisanship of Mexican Equestrian Culture]

On exhibit at El Instituto
  • Bicentario - Itinerante - Empacado, by José Nuño [Bicentennial - Traveling - Package]
  • Nuevo Léon: Imagines de Nuestra Memoria [Nuevo Leon: Images of Our Memory]

Admittedly I had never heard of Mexican-born, San-Antonio-raised artist Jesse Treviño before but his was by and far my fave of the four exhibits I saw. In fact ... Loved it!

Some background - Treviño was an up and coming artist in the 1960s when he was shipped off to Vietnam. A war injury ultimately resulted in the amputation of his right arm, so he had to relearn to paint with his left hand. The Mi Vida exhibit includes paintings from before and after the injury and is intended to show how Treviño's style evolved over time. No pics were allowed inside and my artsy vocab is too limited to describe the works adequately, so you'll have to make due with these links. Either that or just go visit the exhibit your own damn self.

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