Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Hate Drunk People

I know you're probably tired of posts about my trip, but no review of a New Orleans vacation would be complete without mentioning the alcoholic excesses of the city. Unlike in most cities, the bars in New Orleans can (and many do) stay open and serve alcohol open 24-7. In addition, unlike in most cities, drinking is allowed in the streets in New Orleans (so long as the drinks are in plastic cups), giving rise to numerous hole-in-the-wall (literally) 'to-go' bars along Bourbon Street.

That would all be well and good, except it would appear far too many people who visit New Orleans don't know how to control their alcoholic intake and, thus, end up spending their entire visit drunk off their assess. And I'm not talking about only 20-somethings either. I'm talking about 30-somethings, 40-somethings, 50-somethings and beyond, as well. Why, why, why? I'm afraid I just don't get how that would make for a fun vacation.

P.S. I am not a teetotaler. I just know how to drink responsibly.

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