Saturday, February 20, 2010

Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Beat Dem Saints?

Towards the end of the Saints-Colts Super Bowl game on February 7th, my son Sneaker Dude sent me this text message:

"Mom dont leave the hotel! Its about to be pandemonium in the french quarter."

Too bad his missive arrived too late. I had already left my hotel. Because, even though being in New Orleans on the day the city's team was trying to win the Super Bowl for the first team ever was pure happenstance (I actually planned my trip before the Saints made it to the Super Bowl.) and even though I am not a a football fan (That's an understatement, though I don't hate football as much as I hate baseball.), much less a Saints fan, it just wouldn't be right to be so close to the action yet not partake.

The pic below shows how Bourbon Street was eerily silent during the game because everyone was glued to the TV screen in the bars. The video that follows was shot near the same corner (Bourbon and St. Ann), shortly after the game ended.

And here's Bourbon Street the next morning. The street was eerily silent once again, because all the Saints fans were in bed nursing major hangovers.

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