Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Generation Y, Not

How much do you have in common with Generation Y? Take this quiz and find out.

Based on data from a recent Pew Research Foundation
telephone survey of US adults, the quiz gauges just how close your values, attitudes and behaviors are to those of a typical Gen Yer, a generation also known as Millennials because they came of age in the new millennium. Scores range from 0-100, with higher scores more indicative of Generation Y.

Turns out I am not a member of Generation Y (my score: 38). However, after playing around with the quiz, I determined that if I get a tramp stamp, pierce my clit, and hang out on MySpace, I could be an honorary member (resulting score: 73).

Among the most defining trademarks of Generation Y, a.k.a. Milenials, according to
the research:

- GenY/Milenials (18-29) 38%
- GenX (30-45) 32%
- Boomers (46-64) 15%
- Silent (65+) 6%

Body piercings
- GenY/Milenials (18-29) 23%
- GenX (30-45) 9%
- Boomers (46-64) 1%
- Silent (65+) 0%

Online social network profile
- GenY/Milenials (18-29) 75%
- GenX (30-45) 50%
- Boomers (46-64) 30%
- Silent (65+) 6%

Picture credit:
mental3pal, on deviantART

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