Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Signed, Lady "G"

I used to think that I was a normal child and my, well, eccentricities, if you will, developed as I aged. However, evidence has recently been unearthed that suggests otherwise.

When cleaning out his parents' attic, an old (platonic male) friend I first met way back in 6th grade found some letters I wrote him during the summer between 8th and 9th grade. For the sake of all the young'uns, I should explain that way back before there were such things as texting and tweets and Facebook, people wrote letters to their school friends. On paper! Via snail mail!

Well perhaps not all school friends exchanged letters during the summer. But those of us who grew up in the boonies, and attended multi-town regional school districts, and didn't yet have driver's licenses, and had parents too cheap to allow long-distance calls did. Why letters about opening up a nudist colony, however, I can not explain.

June 20, 1979 - "...I tried to put the colony at Warde's house, but he (Warde) was getting horny with all the colony members. I moved the colony to California. It was in a small town on the coast called Carmel. I had to get it as far away from Warde as possible. I am going to open up an east coast branch next month. Would you like to join (fig leaves are available)?" [Note: I have absolutely no idea who the horny little bastard named Warde is.]

June 25, 1979 - "P.S. My nudist colony is opening soon ?! Would you like to sign up?!?"

August 28, 1979 - Signed "Lady 'G,' President and Owner of Lady 'G' Nudist Camps (a world-wide organization)"

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Anonymous said...

The writings of this matron of nudity reminded me of a recent trip I took to a museum with a similarly lovely woman, where we viewed something called G-G rubbing- it was thoroughly interesting...from a purely simian point of view of course.