Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Migra, Migra, Pinche Migra

If your last name is Hernandez, you better watch out for US Border Patrol agents. They want you dead. Or at least it would appear that way.

Anastasio Hernández died on May 31st, after suffering cardiac arrest when Border Patrol agents in San Ysidrio, CA beat him and then subdued him with a stun gun. It has been reported that perhaps as many as 20 Border Patrol officers took part in the beating. High blood pressure and methamphetamine use may have played a role in the 42-year-old man's death but, nevertheless, the San Diego coroner has labeled the case a homicide. Mr. Hernandez, although undocumented, had lived in California for 26 years and had five US-born children, the youngest of which are four-year-old twins.

Sergio Hernández was shot in the head on June 7th by US Border Patrol from El Paso, Texas. Sergio, just 14 years old, died on Mexican soil under the bridge that separates Juarez, Mexico from El Paso. News media north of the border says the shooting resulted from a rock-throwing assault on a Border Patrol agent.
The story south of the border is that Sergio was goofing off with his friends in the shallow riverbed of the Rio Grande and took a bullet a US agent shot across the border. Sergio, a secondary school student in Juarez, was the youngest of seven children.

The two deaths are under investigation, the first by the San Diego Police and the second by the FBI. Meanwhile all you folks with a Hernandez surname, watch out. Might even be a good idea to exercise caution if you're a Dominguez or a Martinez or a Rodriguez or a ... well, you get the idea.

Anastasio Hernández Rojas
San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium)

The body of Sergio Adrián Hernández Huereca
(Photo: Univision)

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