Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm a Poet and Do Not Know It

He touched me, so I live to know
That such a day, permitted so,
I groped upon his breast.
It was a boundless place to me,
And silenced, as the awful sea
Puts minor streams to rest.

And now, I ’m different from before,
As if I breathed superior air,
Or brushed a royal gown;
My feet, too, that had wandered so,
My gypsy face transfigured now
To tenderer renown.

~Emily Dickinson~

Emily Dickinson Museum
Amherst, MA
April 29, 2011

Emily, I grasp thy work not.
The man of mine, he is hot.
To get to him, I must drive.
To rest midway, I do strive.
Your house, right there is stuck.
So pass it I do, on my way to fuck.


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